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India is evolving at a very fast pace. New places , situations and new technologies are developing.
We, sound designers often find ourselves running out of sounds.
As a location sound recordist I have been lucky to record unique sounds all over India and make it accessible here.


Indian Sound effects

Imagine, you are watching a film, totally engrossed,where two characters are in a fight scene but don’t say anything, appropriate background music or sound effects can create tension and keep you engrossed.
Sound effects are artificial sounds or sound processes that are used to emphasize content in films, television shows, and other media.

Indian Sound Effects Recording


What is Ambisonics

Ambisonics is a 360° surround sound format where spatial audio is captured using multichannel audio files to encode the sound field of a location.
Ambisonic sounds do not depend on a fixed speaker layout or listening position.
Ambisonics is most commonly used audio format for 360 applications. It is used in VR game engines, 3D installations, and 360° videos on social media such as YouTube and Facebook.

Ambisonics Recording

Suggest sounds that I can record

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