My Story

The journey so far.



Zahir Bandukwala

Greetings my fellows, here is a little story about me…

I started my career as a assistant recording engineer. Soon, I started working for music director, Sandesh Shandilya, where I set up his music room and studio.
After a couple of years, I completed my sound engineering and acoustics course from Mumbai University which advanced my technical knowledge in sound.

A few years later I assisted Kunal Sharma, for a couple of films, when I finally started getting my own independent projects as a sync sound engineer and sound designer.
As a way of upping my skills, I have now ventured into film mixing and have started to freelance as a film mix engineer also.
I am also working on a sound effects library for India based sound effects
Oh and by the way! other than sound I am also a certified Drone pilot.
Off lately, I have taken up running as a sport and enjoy my daily runs in Aarey forest.

Challenges at Guilty

Working as a Production Sound mixer

The challenging part about this project was to maintain the Netflix techinical specifications and their choice high quality standards of equipment such as the microphones and audio recorders.

Also my team and me had to maintain a seemless sync between cameras and recorders with numerous timecode devices on the set.

Ruchi Narain, a musically inclined director, preferred that I record most of the actor’s musical acts on the set as much as possible on a challenging Delhi’s weather.

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